Hi! My name is

Zofia Szeretlek.

I am an artist, vagabond & daydreamer currently residing in Australia.
My photographic reveries & illustrations are dark, whimsical, and erotic.
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Erotic & dark photo-illustrations & paintings
Jellyfish Druid Dysmorphia Evolutionary Nothing Fully Articulate Persistent Horror Kinetic Lair Greed and Water Is it Me Maestro Suck my Ridges Terrapax
Whimsical illustrations & sketches
Underwear You and Me Penic Rockets Very Deep Sea Pray or Burn Lost
Lovely Photographs!
Ingres' Violin Knees Choices sexiscover stabbitydeath glow latexcrawl aquarius wandering
Hi! Im Zofia!
I am available for comissioned projects involving illustration, photography, & photomanipulation. If you are interested in working with me on a special project, you can send me an e-mail:
zofia at szeretlek dot net.
Zofia Szeretlek
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I also blog about my work at
The Dream Lagoon
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